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Apantac is a leading designer and developer of high quality and cost effective multiviewers, videowalls, matrices, extenders, KVM products openGear solutions and signal processing equipment.

Blue Fish

Bluefish 444 produce a wide range of uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP & HDMI I/O cards for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Also signal converters and multi channel ingest servers

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Magstor produce a wide range of LTO desktop tape drives and LTO libraries.

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Nagasoft produce a highly affordable all in one streaming production studio in a small portable tablet.


StorageDNA produce LTO/LTFS archiving solutions + the world famous DNAfabric - a cloud optimized, distributed data management platform that connects to multiple end points (file-systems, object, UDP and LTO) across on-premise, remote and cloud. Enabling a multitude of services across these end points including indexing, analysis, de-dupe, backup, archive and sync.